The Syrian "Movement for a Pluralistic Society" was founded in Paris on October 10th, 2012 by the political leader Randa Kassis along with a group of Syrian dissidents.

The movement seeks to establish a "free, democratic, and secular Syria." It is a political and social movement that aims at raising democratic awareness and developing the rules of thinking regarding the concept of freedom.

The plurality of the Syrian society constitutes the basis of this movement. The movement believes in the importance of investing the richness of the Syrian society with all its religious, national, intellectual and political affiliations to build a culture that promotes cultural diversity and respect differences. The movement believes that differences, allows a nation or a society to live in peace and harmony.

The movement seeks to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, raise democratic awareness, and develop rules of crucial thinking regarding the concept of freedom and seeks to develop it.

The movement believes that personal freedom is a part of public liberties, that is why it works on examining and analyzing any inconsistencies that may arise between individual freedom and collective freedom. The movement believes that Men and Women are equal in rights and duties. It aims to abolish tribal, familial, and sectarian affiliations and spread the culture of citizenship.